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Universal HD Video Light w/ Dimmer Control

Model SL-10HD

The Brightest Way to Light the Picture, Without the Heat

Compatible with all pro and consumer digital camcorders, this light isn't hot to the touch and is flicker free.

Price not available.


* Operates off 2 "AAA" batteries
* Hi / Low Dimmer Switch
* Slim & lightweight design
* Diffuser built in
* 10 LED lights that are 3x brighter than standard Xenon bulbs
* Lasts 3x longer on a single charge than standard video lights (up to 1
hour on a full charge)
* Uses ultra-effi cient LED technology—average life of over 100,000 hours!
* Safe to touch—doesn’t get hot!
* Proprietary LED technology to provide color balanced light for
optimal picture quality
* Compatible with all pro & consumer digital video cameras
* Flicker free

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