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Digital Video Effects Mixer

Model SFX-11

Professional quality mixing results without professional studio prices

Sima’s SFX-11 Digital Video Effects Mixer, with dual TBC*, provides quality mixing options and results without professional studio prices. Digital signal processing keeps down “noise” while producing vibrant colors and crystal clear picture quality. Digital effects (strobe, mosaic, paint), picture-in-picture, wipe patterns, chroma
key and luma key are just a few of the special effects options this unit offers.

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SFX-11 at a Glance

* Digital Effects - Use strobe, mosaic, paint, still and negative effects to maximize the impact of
your images on both A and B channels. Select the size and position of special effects areas with
joystick accuracy.
* Picture in Picture - Create PIP windows and use the joystick to move location on the screen.
The joystick moves PIP windows to any location.
* Wide Range of Wipe Patterns - Circle, bar, cross-hatch, corner and wedge wipes along with fade to black and fade to white effects. You can pre-set the speed of wipes and fades for one-touch automatic control.
* Chroma Key (Blue Screen) and Luma Key (Weather Map)- Use the chroma key (blue screen) or the luminance key (black screen) to isolate images and superimpose onto other scenes.
* 4 Inputs - two audio/video inputs and two S-Video inputs give editorial flexibility and increase options.

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