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4 Input A/V Selector

Model SVS-14

Passive 4 input Audio/Video Switcher is compact 4 input- 1 output device that requires no power to operate

The Model SVS-14 Audio Video Switcher lets you add additional components to your TV and home theater system by providing additional A/V inputs to your system. The Model SVS-14 has four Audio/Video inputs including left and right audio, composite video and S-Video

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- Compact size to fit into any system
- No power required for easy installation
- 1/8" jack on front to feed audio signals to wireless systems
- Works with stereo audio and both composite and S-video signals
- Simplifies A/V system wiring by providing single distribution point
- Easy to use - Just press the input desired
- Ideal for anybody who is constantly plugging and unplugging cables
- Works both forward and reverse directions - 4 in and 1 out or 1 input and 4 outputs (only 1
output active at a time) going to one of 4 devices

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