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Sima Products Introduces High Performance Composite Line of Imaging Brackets

February 25, 2010

Sima switches to composite materials for its line of camera brackets making them stronger, lighter and eco-friendly.

OAKMONT, PA–Sima Products, a Pittsburgh based consumer electronics company, announces an upgrade to its line of camera and camcorder brackets by changing to high tech composite materials but maintaining an affordable price.

Sima’s Video Bracket (Model SLB-M; MSRP $19.99) features new composite materials that create a stronger, four times lighter handheld bracket. The lighter material allows photographers and videographers to take steadier films and photographs. The design also includes two universal shoe mounts for either vertical or horizontal mounting of two accessories, such as a video light and microphone. It also includes an easy to use bracket tightening screw with threaded tripod socket, which secures the bracket to the camera or camcorder.

Sima’s new design is also eco friendly and made of recyclable materials. Unlike some Carbon Fiber based composites, both components of the Sima fiberglass and non-woven nylon composite are easily recyclable.

“We hear it all the time from our customers, their camera bags are heavy. Traditional brackets are made of steel for their strength. Some brackets are made of aluminum for its weight, but at the loss of rigidity. Sima’s new composite video brackets have strength greater than steel – at four times less the weight,” says Storm Orion, Director of Product Development.

To learn more about the Video Bracket and its new, high tech composite materials, please contact Lyndsey Farrow, marketing coordinator, at 800-345-7462. You can also visit www.simaproducts.com for more information.