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Sima Products Introduces New Digital Imaging Automotive Charging Solution

February 25, 2010

OAKMONT, PA–Sima Products, a Pittsburgh based consumer electronics company, announces a unique and innovative product that provides an additional power outlet in your vehicle that looks and feels like a household extension cord. The new product debuted at the 2010 PMA show in Anaheim, CA.

The Patent-Pending Single Cable Car Outlet (Model STP-100c; MSRP $29.99) is a world’s first in ease-of-use design. The cable easily converts a car’s cigarette lighter or power port into an AC outlet. Simply plug the Single Cable Car Outlet into the power port and go.

The Single Cable Car Outlet extends three feet, which is plenty of cord to reach out of a car window or to backseat passengers. The Single Cable Car Outlet provides multiple solutions for traveling, including quickly charging digital cameras and camcorders, powering portable DVD players on long road trips or charging net books, laptops, and smart phones while traveling on business.

Sima is constantly innovating and also listening to our customer’s feedback. “Our digital imaging customers wanted a simple way to charge their equipment on the go. Our designers created a revolutionary extension cord power cable design which allows anyone to charge their equipment from next to their car when parked or from the backseat while driving,” says Storm Orion, Director of Product Development.

With 100 watts of portable power, the Single Cable Car Outlet is slim and lightweight enough to store in your glove compartment, console or trunk. To learn more about the Single Cable Car Outlet and other digital imaging solutions from Sima, please contact Lyndsey Farrow, marketing coordinator, at 800-345-7462. You can also visit www.simaproducts.com for more information.