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Sima Products Provides World's First Consumer High Definition Lighting Solution

February 25, 2010

OAKMONT, PA–Sima Products, a Pittsburgh based consumer electronics company, in another first, announces the Universal HD Video Light (Model SL-10HD; MSRP $29.99).

The Patent-Pending Universal HD Video Light provides several breakthrough features never before available at this retail price, such as a built-in diffuser and dimmer control. Sima Products closely watches consumer trends, and noticed our customers often find themselves with cameras and camcorders that don’t include an accessory shoe. In another valuable first, every light includes a universal camera bracket that fits all professional and consumer video cameras.

The light also features flicker-free color balanced light from 10 high-efficiency LED bulbs. Sima has a long history in LED technology optimizing color balance to achieve optimal picture quality. Unlike other incandescent lights, the Universal HD Video Light stays cool and does not get hot to the touch. This allows videographers to quickly remove or adjust the light without being burned.

Until now, a high definition light with these features for photo and video has only been available to professionals willing to pay a hefty premium. “Sima’s imaging and video lighting solutions are well known for their value, being high quality yet affordable. This makes them popular with professionals and amateurs alike. It’s a natural progression for us to extend this line with a very functional light,” says Ilana Diamond, CEO of Sima Products.

The Universal HD Video Light is an ideal addition to any videographer’s camera bag, as its compact and light design makes its easy to store and carry. The Universal HD Video Light arrives in time for the 2010 PMA show in Anaheim, CA. For more information about how Sima Products is on the forefront of product design, or to make an appointment with Sima’s sales representatives at PMA, please contact Lyndsey Farrow, marketing coordinator, at 800-345-7462.

To learn more about the Universal HD Video Light, please visit www.simaproducts.com.