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Sima offers users tools to ExtenHD… beyond HD

June 18, 2009

Sima Products Corp a 37 year old manufacturer of AV Components and accessories has continued to update the ExtenHD line of HDMI Products. The ExtenHD line is targeted to the custom install and systems integrator market. The product line is built in heavy duty casing and provides the most sought after features including RS-232 control and rack-mounting. “Our new HDMI over CAT5/CAT6 products have proven popular” said Bob Pennington, Commercial products manager from Sima. “Our original products in this category performed a digital to analog conversion, our newest units are digital from input to output, we’ve increased the quality and lowered the size and cost”. Other popular products in the ExtenHD line include the X-SCALE, a conversion tool to change analog video to HDMI, and the X-CON YUV, a unit that can convert HDMI back to Component (YUV) video and convert the digital audio to an analog signal. For installations that are feeding multiple video display devices, the ExtenHD line offers the XSW-42, a four input switcher with two simultaneous outputs and the XDA-18u, a one video input to 8 output distribution amp or splitter. “We’ve had a good response from the Sports Bars and the digital signage market”, added Pennington. You can see these products at the InfoComm show at the Sima exhibit: booth 5984.